travel advice

Villa Indiana is located about 40 km away from Corfu airport on the North East Coast of Corfu in the district of Avlaki close to Kassiopi. The best time to visit Corfu is between May and October. Outside of this period the lack of direct flights to Corfu makes it an incredibly difficult place to travel to. If travelling from the UK the following airlines fly to Corfu;

  • Aegean Air
  • Air Lingus
  • Air Berlin
  • British Airways
  • Flybe
  • KLM
  • Norwegian Air
  • Ryan Air


Corfu, the most northern of the Greek Islands, is the most popular of the Ionian Islands and experiences a climate, which differs from many of its neighbouring islands. The region receives slightly more rain than other islands, which contributes to the beautiful greenery that sits idyllically upon the crystal waters.  The summers can reach a scorching 40 degrees with the area experiencing sporadic heat waves in the recent few years.


Corfu comes to life from the start of May as the early tourist season begins. Daytime temperatures are usually around the mid 20's (ºC). The tavernas are quiet and the beaches are sparsely populated. Evenings are cooler and swimming pools and the sea a little on the cold side.  Rain does tend to crop up from time to time


The daytime temperatures can reach averages of 25-30 ºC as the weather begins to heat up and the afternoon breezes begin to establish themselves. It is a very popular month for travelling to Corfu.  Rain is still known to appear!


The temperatures in July can easily reach the mid to high 30’s.  Sunshades & a hat are highly recommended.  Evenings are warm, sea is warm and glorious sunny days create busy beaches and packed tavernas. 


The weather is hot and dry, still in the high 30's to low 40's although there is usually a gentle breeze.


First half of the month is usually hot, low to mid 30's with breezier afternoons than August. During the second half, there is a good chance of showers and temps around 25c.


October weather is similar to May's. The evenings stay cool and the daytime temps transition back to the mid 20's. There are fewer crowds at the tavernas and on the beaches with children being back at school.

The months of July and August are incredibly busy, tavernas need to be booked in advance, beaches are crowded and roads are full of cars as holidaying families take over the idyllic island.

June and September are quieter and the glorious weather allows you to enjoy everything that’s on offer in Corfu during the summer months just without the mayhem.  The beaches can be busy but the children and large parties that dominate in July and August are gone so the island is more peaceful.  Jumper may be required in the evening May and October – if the weather is not so important to you these two months can be the finest months.  The beaches are deserted. Tavernas quiet and there are clear days with stunning views. As an added bonus flights to the island are much lower.